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This only highlights the unsettling fact that her marriage and home life aren't as picture perfect as she imagined. When things begin to fall apart and fingers start pointing, it leads her down a dark and dangerous path. Her present is united with a past that could potentially destroy everything she's worked to achieve. Michelle's journey is comprised of twists and turns, temptation and erotic encounters, and Michelle has only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Only time will tell how far down in the depths of deceit she'll go in her attempt to shake her past and fortify her future. We were sitting in first class, ready to start our flight from Virginia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You look fine, baby. Larissa Laurel. I do like our new last name though. It looks like I could be a model or a actress, some kinda shit you would see on the big screen. Her voice trailed off.

My mind wandered. No looking back and no second thoughts. I stared at my reflection in the window, my hazel eyes becoming part of one of the clouds and staring back at me. Who am I? Michelle Roberts—no, Michelle Laurel—a mother, wife, a heroine, or a monster. I looked up. You need a car, the kids need new clothes. You wanna decorate the house in what? Everything in Virginia felt tainted in some way, shape, or form. My statement would then be followed by Ris slamming down her menu and staring at me.

Yes, a change was definitely going to do the entire family some good. I giggled to myself again for that one, besides it was a big-ass house we would grow into. It was way too big for just the four of us right now but when I saw it I knew it was perfect. There was a playroom for the kids with this beautiful jungle mural painted on the walls and ceiling, with monkeys swinging from the trees and a giraffe. The kids would be in awe. It had all that fancy shit that neither of us grew up with.

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Glancing down at my iPhone calendar, I checked my itinerary one last time. I could still show the Matthews property, finish up the paperwork, and make the forty-five-minute drive home in time for dinner. I pulled my all-black Lexus ES into the large circular driveway, careful not to scratch my rims on the damn rounded curb as I parked. Last time Larissa drove my car she curb-checked the hell out of the left side and I still cringed whenever I thought about what it cost to replace just two of those Lexanis.

The mansion loomed before me, picture perfect, like something straight out of a movie. Sand-colored cobblestone led the path toward the massive oak front doors. I grabbed up my things, deciding, instead, to take the long way around the back of the house. This way I could personally make sure the new landscaping company we were using was on point. It was the minor details that meant everything to the people who bought these types of homes and I had no intention of missing out on a major sale over a fuckery and bullshit minor technicality.

Everything looked in order. The hedges were trimmed into neat, identical squares and the thick carpet of lush green lawn was cut and edged beautifully.

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Small palms lined both sides of the large back yard overlooking the ginormous pool and Jacuzzi. It was early June and nearly eighty degrees out, and the water looked all too inviting. My blouse was already starting to stick to my back from the humidity and the moisture in the air. At least in Virginia we had dry heat; this damp hotness was for the birds. I walked past a flowering bush. Its scent immediately reminded me of the Botanical Garden and instantly I knew why this was one of my favorite estates. It had that Alice in Wonderland kind of feeling, like at any moment a little rabbit wearing a Queen of Hearts jacket would come running out from in between the shrubs to offer me a drink.

I laughed to myself. I let myself in through the back door into the kitchen.

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I paused mid-step, head tilted to one side. What the hell? I gently laid my leopard-print Pineider Cavallino briefcase on the granite kitchen counter. My Mace was in a small, light brown leather clip attached to the side that slid off almost effortlessly. I removed it and silently made my way toward the sound. Here I was, Gretel following a breadcrumb trail of hastily shed clothing. I was in stealth mode, creeping along on my toes, heels never touching the floor for fear of the click-clack alerting the intruders to my presence and ruining my element of surprise.

Baby Momma: a novel

I gripped my Mace tightly in my hand. I was greeted at the top of the carpeted stairwell by a black and grey Burberry button down and Armani slacks. My pulse quickened as I edged toward the door. Greedily my eyes took in the display of what a bitch can only describe as masculine perfection. Unconsciously, I licked my lips as I followed a trail of sweat that ran down his spine and pooled in the small of his back. For a moment I was lost in a voyeuristic fantasy.

I could hear him accenting each pump with a word. Months of faking and falling asleep unsatisfied had brought me to this moment. Ris and I were at that point where the spark was kinda gone out of our situation. My ass was bored. I was tempted to start moving my fingers. Use this as a chance to release all my pent-up frustration.

I glanced down at my watch: I needed to straighten up the mess these fools were making before my client arrived. After one last longing gaze I straightened up my blazer, patted my bun, and stepped into the room, clearing my throat.

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I bit my lower lip. The nigga had the sexiest almond-shaped brown eyes. They glowed like golden coals against his dark skin. I was not expecting that. His eyes focused in on mine in an almost predatory manner. He visually drank me in and suddenly I was the recipient of each thrust.

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I felt parts of me start to awaken and throb in such a way that my ass was scared to keep watching and too damn fascinated to turn away. Every new parent should have this book.

It's a helpful coffee table book during pregnancy, and it's a worthwhile read for all parents. This book includes helpful infographics that demonstrate important lessons, like learning how to swaddle a baby. With the hustle and bustle of life, it can be really easy to feel disconnected from your brood. The Mom Project is a day challenge for mothers to become more connected to their family in a deep and meaningful way. From serving your community together to getting in the kitchen and cooking up a delicious meal as a unit, there's something for everyone.

This new parenting book will help new mamas tap into the authentic joy motherhood brings. It's a must-have for mamas who are more open-minded, spiritual, and in tune with the energy within. Lori Bregman also authored The Mindful Mom-to-Be , which is another perfect pick for the expectant mama with heightened awareness.

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Challenge: Name one mom who can't relate to this title! Moms can't get enough of the fast laughs tucked behind the cover of this book. Sit back and get ready to laugh as you experience a true glimpse into what parenting really looks like. After reading this book, you'll have an easier time finding an ally in your partner, rather than an enemy. On social media, parenting is full of big smiles, charming messes, and tear-free dinners.